CMS (Content Management System)

Content Management System (CMS) is an online application that offers an uncomplicated way to publish and manage content for your website. No more scratching of head on coding and technical errors while posting blogs. Many CMS platforms offer codeless or minimal coding sites so that changes and updating become easy. It caters to both business and individual purposes.

There are days when WordPress was the only CMS doing rounds. Now, there are many super-useful CMS that allows anyone to have a website and express his views. Best CMS platform will have features like user-friendly interface, customization, security, comprehensive search, analytics, powerful publishing tools, built-in SEO tools, multi-platform integrations, rollback with versioning, and fast support.

Who needs a Content Management System (CMS)?

Generally, people get confused about whether they need a CMS or not. Let us detangle the clutter.

  • Does your brand need constant content creation and frequent updation?
  • Are you spending extra bucks on E-Commerce Solutions?
  • Want to start regular blogging activities for your website?

If you find yourself giving a ‘yes’ nod for any of the above questions, then CMS is a must for you.

Why do you need a Content Management System (CMS)?

  • The content moderation & addition in a conventional website is difficult as it requires technical skills to handle. This drags developers every time to get the task done. If you are an individual doing blogging or a company that regularly publishes content, opting for a CMS is a wise option as it saves time and manpower.
  • Multiple users can use the same platform enabling everyone to edit, publish and update content anywhere and anytime.
  • CMS allows massive cloud content storage so that all your content are backed up and secure.
  • It allows hassle-free and unified content management so that the data is not scattered but stored in one place. The alteration of employees in a company won’t affect content publishing as anyone can access the previous data and continue creating content with a solid reference.

Focus on:

  • Analyse the business requirments
  • No compromising in development plan
  • Deliver perfect solution to business

Our Offerings:

  • CMS Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • API/Web Services
  • CMS Customization
  • CMS Maintenance and support
  • Plug-in creation
  • Third party integration
  • Module development

We Work On:

  • Sitecore
  • Umbraco
  • DNN
  • WordPress